Meet The Team

Amanda, Beverly, Annemie, Yvonne


I’ve been in the medical profession for many years and am very enthusiastic about the Roll Magic machine. I have arthritis and my exercise ability has been severely impacted, also sitting behind a laptop for hours does not help. I found that due to the fact that I can control the pressure of the massage, there is no accidental injury. There is improvement in pain, stiffness and circulation and this definitely helps with general wellbeing. A further advantage that I noticed is that especially the stubborn belly fat has become more soft and I have lost some weight. A big bonus indeed.


I have always been interested in being the best you can be physically and mentally and as I became older, even more so. I am very excited about the Roll Magic machines as it can aid us over 55’s with so many of our ailments, removal of toxins from our bodies that cause illnesses and keep our muscles toned and healthy. Here’s to growing old actively and very healthy.


As a registered nurse practitioner for more than 20 years, I’m highly focused on healthy and holistic living. This technology, combining a lymphatic drainage message with infrared light therapy, adds a new dimension to achieve a healthier you.